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Predictive Logistics Enhanced By AI

Predictive Logistics in Data-Driven Sustainment


This is to inform how the Army is transforming its sustainment systems to leverage data and AI for better decision making and operational efficiency.

Challenges and Opportunities: Our aim is to identify the increased sustainment demands and data analysis challenges in large-scale combat operations (LSCO) and the need to anticipate requirements and make effective decisions in contested environments.

Skilled Data Leaders: This brochure emphasizes the importance of data literacy and competence among sustainers and the role of Army Sustainment University (ASU) in embedding data education within professional military education (PME) and training.

AI Revolutionizing Logistics: This informs how AI is reshaping logistics management across various domains, such as optimizing delivery routes, identifying equipment issues, automating warehouse tasks, and fine-tuning last-mile delivery processes.

In Summary: We conclude that data-driven approaches and AI hold immense promise for a more efficient and effective future for the Army's sustainment operations.

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